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Charles Needle

Charles Needle is a highly acclaimed fine art and editorial nature photographer with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation.

His images evoke a spiritual, almost meditative, quality which draws viewers into the essence of each form. Charles is deeply aware of the inherent order in all of nature, and he aims to capture this order by portraying each subject's inner beauty from even the smallest of details.

The photographer's sensitive eye is drawn to line, shape, texture and color, all of which work together to create a visually pleasing photograph and encourage viewers to look deeper beyond what is apparent to discover the true inner "light" within each subject.

Nature photography, in particular, proved to be a very healing practice for Charles, because it was instrumental in his 12-year recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The camera became an extension of self and a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Many of Charles' photographs were taken in the quiet stillness of his own backyard, while other subjects were photographed in locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the West Indies.

To help others experience this same "healing" from nature, Charles founded Nature Comforts, Inc. in 1996, offering healthcare professionals and consumers a wide array of specially designed products and services that enhance wellness, healing and inner strength through reconnecting with nature.

Charles Needle Photo

Today, Charles' award-winning fine art nature photographs are on permanent display in numerous hospitals, homes and offices nationwide. In addition, he has produced a videotape featuring his photography, called The Healing Power of Nature, which plays currently in more than 40 hospital and physicians' waiting rooms across the country and on closed-circuit television in numerous hospitals, including Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

With a Bachelor's degree in English (Kenyon College, Ohio) and a Master's degree in Journalism (University of Missouri-Columbia), Charles is uniquely qualified for editorial work. His articles and photos have appeared in many magazines and newspapers nationwide.

Charles maintains an active writing, speaking and teaching schedule and is available to address topics, such as: "Nature Photography As Mindful Awareness," "Developing Your Personal Vision as a Photographer," "The Art of Close-up Nature Photography," and "The Healing Power of Nature."

In addition to classes and workshops, Charles offers personal portfolio reviews and private, one-on-one photography lessons in the field for individuals and small groups from beginning to advanced skill levels.

The photographer holds an extensive library of images available for licensing, stock or editorial use. Collectors of fine art photography also have purchased Charles' photographs as limited-edition, fine art prints, posters and note cards.

Charles' photography has garnered numerous awards from the Southeastern Photographic Society, Roswell Photographic Society, Southeastern Council of Camera Clubs, and the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta, GA. Already, his work has received national acclaim in publications such as The Chicago Tribune, SELF Magazine, Woman's World, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Louisville Courier-Journal.

Charles is a Fuji Film USA Talent Team member, charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association, Field Contributor to Nature Photographer magazine, and member of The Nature Photographers Network, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Southeastern Photographic Society , and Roswell Photographic Society.

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